Il music video di Sacred Blood.

Il music video di Sacred Blood.

Brazilian band HEAVEN: Choir Metal, that mixes the tender sounds of a classic choir to the pressure of heavy metal, has just released a music video for its first original single, entitled Sacred Blood. The video can now be seen on the band’s YouTube channel:

The song has many influences from power metal and classical music, with references to the Two-Voice Invention in B flat major (BWV 785), by Johan Sebastian Bach. The lyrics are based on baroque themes and describe, without religious associations, a ritual of fertility and prosperity present in many different cultures, which refers to the blood and sacrifice coming from the continuity of life.

The music video shows behind-the-scenes footage from the recording sessions, which happened between April and May 2018 on Whatafolk-Studio (São Paulo, Brazil), and bridges the public to the day-by-day work of the band members.

With 7 vocalists and 5 instrumentalists, HEAVEN is a metal band from São Paulo, Brazil, founded by conductor and singer Rafael Leoni and drummer Rômulo Zanco at the end of 2017. The band is currently working on new compositions that permeate many variations of heavy metal, as well as scheduling live concerts and presentations.

Alexandre Cardoso – Tenor
João Prioli – Barítono / Gutural
Luciana Silversong – Soprano
Luis Fonseca – Tenor
Matheus Macêdo – Contrabaixo
Matheus Manente – Guitarras / Barítono
Marcela Estelië – Soprano
Rafael Leoni – Baixo / Barítono
Rômulo Zanco – Bateria
Tilsa Isadora – Mezzo-Soprano
Tony Filho – Guitarras
Toshi Ossada – Piano e Teclados

Contact for concerts, interviews and press: press@heavenchoirmetal.com