Il video ufficiale per la song “Alone”, terzo singolo tratto dall’album “Episodes of Solitude”.

Atropas present their new official video “Alone”

Atropas are releasing their new music video ahead of their European tour with Words That Burn, which starts in Hungary tomorrow! The video for the song “Alone” carries a heavy anti-war message, capturing the intense feeling of the whole album.

Band statement about their new video:

“We want you to realize what this video is about: Just like the rest of our album “Episodes of Solitude”, this song is about the horrors of war and we wanted this video to reflect that. There is no sense in killing each other, and in this day and age of people killing each other being omnipresent in our media, we decided to make a statement against exactly that, with our music, our lyrics and now with this new video. “No sense in this whole story, fuck all your grace and glory, I’m but a shadow of who I used to be”. Thanks go to our friend and beautiful model, Nathalie Fontolliet, for being part of this video. This whole thing was filmed and edited by Philipp Smart, who’s also the frontman of our good friends Kill The Unicorn. Thank you very much for your great work.”

Their third single is taken off of their album “Episodes of Solitude”, available now in all your favourite online music stores.

Catch Atropas and Words That Burn right now on their tour in the following cities:


Nuovo Video Online per gli Atropas!

Gli Atropas sono orgogliosi di presentare il video ufficiale per la song “Alone”, terzo singolo tratto dall’album “Episodes of Solitude”.
Il video esce a poche ore dall’inizio del loro tour con gli irlandesi Words That Burn. Il concept e il messaggio lanciato attraverso “Alone” è una decisa dichiarazione contro le guerre.


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