For You I Die pubblicato l’8 luglio per Times End Records

Chalice of Suffering (International) – ‘For You I Die’

Genre – Doom Metal
Release Date – July 8th, 2016
Record Label – Times End Records

US based doom metal band Chalice of Suffering have worked hard on their debut release, and it shows. Employing flute and bagpipes as additional instruments to paint the canvas of their sorrowful music, Chalice of Suffering have brought to life an excellent rendition of life’s inevitable miseries, but they have done it with class and grace. With members of Nangilima, Wandering Oak, and We Are Legion adding their experience to John McGovern’s vision, the final product leaves nothing to be desired. The gently wafting music is punctuated by soul-tearing melodies, and the additional instruments coupled with the atmospheric melancholy, just takes it to a different level. One can actually feel different shades of grey as the music oscillates from black doom to glimmers of white hope that uplift the proceedings, mirroring life and its vagaries. The crushing death/doom music foundation gives it strength, the courage to go on, despite the reflection of tragedies, but all in all, this is what makes it beautiful – without darkness there can be no light. ‘For You I Die’ is the ultimate expression of moving, emotive, near-sentient doom metal music for the harrowed souls.

This one caught on fast and it only goes to prove that despite being a new band, if the music is soulful, it touches people. ‘For You I Die’ is probably one of the best such doom albums I’ve heard all year.

– “This is an easy 5 out of 5!” – Midlands Metalheads (UK)

– “a treasured addition to your collection” – (Belgium)

– “Definitely worth the plunge” – Ave Noctum (UK)

– “doom metal of the highest quality” – Franconia Metallum (Germany)

– “as dark as it needs to be” – Dead Rhetoric (US)

– “An interesting experiment” – Be Subjective! (Germany)

– “slow, dark and atmospheric” – Wonderbox Metal (UK)

– “will pierce your heart with a piece of ice!” – Deadly Storm (Czech Republic)

– “everything melancholic Doom Metal should be” – Puro Ruido (Argentina)

Album lineup:
John McGovern – Vocals
Nikolay Velev (Nangilima) – Keyboards / Guitars
Will Maravelas (We Are Legion, Plague of Stars) – Guitars / Bass
Aaron Lanik (We Are Legion, Plague of Stars) – Drums
Robert Bruce Pollard (Wandering Oak) – Tin Flute
Allan Towne (We Are Legion, Mastiff) – Guest Vocals
Kevin Murphy – Bagpipes / Irish Gaelic Vocals

Track list:
1. Darkness
2. Who Will Cry
3. For You I Die
4. Alone
5. Screams of Silence
6. Cumha Do Mag Shamhrain
7. Fallen
8. Void


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