Il lyric video di The Unrepentant, tratto dall’album Obnoxious

After the Decibel premiere HERE, No Clean Singing has done a premiere of one of their new lyric videos. You can check that out HERE. From Portugal, Colosso are experimenting on death metal and taking it ahead in a contemporary manner.

“suffocatingly huge death metal with a subtle technical/experimental twist” – Decibel Magazine (US)

“savage, and to-the-point” – No Clean Singing (US)

“huge, jagged rhythms and eerie, otherworldly guitar lines dominate the majority of Obnoxious.” – Metal Observer (Canada) 8.5/10

“burst of technical death metal and experimental” – Loud Magazine (translated from Portuguese)

“if you are a fan of progressive death metal, you should check out this album” – True Bringer of Death (US) 8/10

Colosso (Portugal) – ‘Obnoxious’

Genre – Dissonant Death Metal
Release Date – September 9th, 2016
Record Label – Self Released
For fans of – Cynic, Gorguts, Portal, Cattle Decapitation, Blood Red Throne

Colosso from Portugal emerge with their latest. Playing death metal with a new vision, their sound is breaking the shackles of the style, as Colosso innovate and involve elements dissonant and industrial. While most bands use the black metal template, Colosso merge the abstract sounds into a coherent death metal template, one that seethes and squirms with shades of darkness. A mesmerizing epic, ‘Obnoxious’ is an immersive album from start to finish, remaining unpredictable yet consistently superior. It will go down as one of the most daring and ambitious albums in the style this year – a vision so profound and brilliantly executed is bound to change the perception death metal has. Colosso remain proudly indulgent, self-sufficient and confident of their new sound.

Album Line-up:
André Lourenço – Bass
André Macedo – Vocals
António Carvalho – Guitar
Marcelo Aires – Drums
Max Tomé – Guitar

Track list:
1. In Memoriam
2. The Unrepentant
3. Of Hollow Judgements
4. As Resonance
5. Soaring Waters
6. Seven Space Collisions
7. To Purify
8. Sentience
9. A Noxious Reflection