Il video di “Murder Your Dreams”, dall’album “Superbia”, previsto in uscita a marzo (Century Media Records).

Il video di “Murder Your Dreams”, dall’album “Superbia”, previsto in uscita a marzo (Century Media Records).

DEATH ALLEY – il video di “Murder Your Dreams”
Gli olandesi DEATH ALLEY sono pronti a ritornare sulle scene con il nuovo album “Superbia”, previsto in uscita il 23 marzo 2018 su Century Media Records.
Oggi la band è lieta di presentare il video del singolo “Murder Your Dreams”, diretto da Luuk Bouwman.

“Murder Your Dreams” è disponibile come singolo digitale su tutte le piattaforme streaming e download e come Instant Grat Download su iTunes ed Amazon. Disponibile da oggi il preorder di tutti i formati fisici. Di seguito il link di riferimento.

tracklist di “Superbia”

Daemon – 09:04
The Chain – 03:23
Feeding The Lions – 07:12
Headlights In The Dark – 06:45
Shake The Coil – 03:49
Murder Your Dreams – 03:02
Pilgrim – 06:01
The Sewage – 11:38

The band comments, “‘Murder Your Dreams’ shows a side of our musicality that was always there but never revealed itself in our music before. Just when we needed it, The Wipers came knocking and we crushed them to bits. A bittersweet taste of ‘Superbia’ in its most compact form.”

Video director Luuk Bouwman explains, “The video is based on chase and falling dreams – which I felt would fit well with the song. I remembered a great scene in the ‘Nightmare on Elmstreet’ series in which the characters are stuck in a loop. So I wanted to create a nightmare-like slapstick in which the protagonist is condemned to keep falling, eternally. I was already joking that it was an autobiographical story and as if it was an ominous prophecy, a day after finishing the video I fell really hard on a bridge because of black ice. I broke my arm, cheekbone and eye socket. So last week I was in surgery to reconstruct my face.”

DEATH ALLEY already raised attention with their debut album “Black Magick Boogieland” in 2015. The band, revolving around former The Devil’s Blood guitarist Oeds Beydals, singer Douwe Truijens, Swedish drummer Uno Bruniusson (ex-In Solitude) and latest addition Sander Bus on bass, mainline an unorthodox cross contamination of psychedelic hard rock and punk, played with excellent precision and power. The spirit of Bad Brains and King Crimson, Hawkwind and Poison Idea, and hints of The Stooges and Black Sabbath-worship form the fundament for DEATH ALLEY’s solid rock and roll presented with metal finesse and a pitch black psychedelic soul cherry on top.

23.03.2018 Cologne (Germany) – Jungle (album release show)
24.03.2018 Münster (Germany) – Alterna Festival
30.03.2018 Amsterdam (Netherlands) – SkateCafe (album release show)
31.03.2018 Schijndel (Netherlands) – Paaspop
13.04.2018 Eindhoven (Netherlands) – Stroomhuis
14.04.2018 Groningen (Netherlands) – LOLA
26.04.2018 Den Haag (Netherlands) – Life I Live
28.04.2018 Rotterdam (Netherlands) – V11
04.05.2018 Berlin (Germany) – Desertfest
06.05.2018 London (United Kingdom) – Desertfest
08.05.2018 Paris (France) – Gibus*
09.05.2018 Nantes (France) – Feraullier*
10.05.2018 San Sebastian (Spain) – Dabadaba*
11.05.2018 Barcelona (Spain) – Upload*
12.05.2018 Clermont Ferrand (France) – Camille Claudel*
13.05.2018 Olten (Switzerland) – Coq D’Or*
15.05.2018 Leipzig (Germany) – NATO*
16.05.2018 Nürnberg (Germany) – Stereo*
17.05.2018 Dortmund (Germany) – FZW*
18.05.2018 Lohr am Main (Germany) – Umsonst und Drinnen Festival*
19.05.2018 Lichtenfels (Germany) – Paunchy Cats*
26.05.2018 Raalte (Netherlands) – Dauwpop
02.06.2018 Nijmegen (Netherlands) – Fortarock
*) with Honeymoon Disease

Douwe Truijens – vocals
Oeds Beydals – guitar
Uno Bruniusson – drums
Sander Bus – bass