Il video di Butterflies, dall’album Cruel Words (Rain Without End Records).

Chariot Of Black Moth made one of the finest, darkest video ever for the song “Butterflies”, out soon on Naturmacht Productions’s sub label “Rain Without End”. We are immensely thankful to Jakub Moth for his incredible work and bringing the song’s darkness upfront. Mesmerizing, powerful, ill. We couldn’t have wished for something better. Thank you.

“habits of none, used to a flatline / tainted clothes, old buildings / damp tunnel, no light / ataraxia, nothing changing / thousand corpses, lying dead / moving maggots, ripping flesh / turning life, upside down / we are food for what we kill / we crawling, spreading blood / it is sacred, but not so low / here is no peace, here is no life / drink for health, we mean night / all is flooded, so are hearts / no butterflies in your stomach / if you feel something moving / their corpses are being eaten”

Maximum volume, headphones, darkness, loneliness are increasing the side effects of this song. Use with caution. We recommend that you do not take drugs nor drink alcohol before, during, and after. Stay sober, don’t hide your emotions behind a wall.