Il video di “Dividing Lines”, tratto dal nuovo album “Haunted One”.

Il video di “Dividing Lines”, tratto dal nuovo album “Haunted One”.

Da oggi i milanesi FACING THE ORACLE hanno reso disponibile il video di “Dividing Lines”, tratto dal nuovo album di inediti “Haunted One”.

“Haunted One”, l’ultima fatica in studio della band metal-core lombarda, sarà pubblicato il 28 aprile 2018 e sarà presentato il giorno precedente 27 aprile 2018 presso il Legend Club di Milano.

Di seguito tracklist:

At The End Of Night
Dividing Lines
White Fever
Bankside Fault
Fox Tossing
A Handful Of Nothing
Summer Ghost

Daniele Bompignano – vocals
Daniele Fusi – guitars
Nikolay Deliyski – guitars
Matteo Scialdone – bass
Alessandro Mori – drums

Facing The Oracle are a metalcore band founded in Milan, Italy, in 2011. The current lineup consists of Daniele Bompignano (scream and clean vocals), Daniele Fusi (guitars), Matteo Scialdone (bass), Nikolay Deliyski (guitars) and Alessandro Mori (drums).

The release in 2012 of the first self-produced EP led the band to an inspiring collaboration with Eddy Cavazza and Giuseppe Bassi OF Dysfunction production (Fear Factory, Mnemic, Logical Terror etc…) for the creation of “In fear and solace” their first studio album, published in 2013 by Bagana Records (Destrage, Despite Exile).

The promotion of the full-length album began in 2014 by playing it live in north and centre of Italy and sharing the stage with bands like Texas in July, Modern Day Babylon, As They Burns, Helia, Mellowtoy, Logical Terror. The composing of “Haunted one”, their new album, began in 2016 and it will lead in 2017 to a new collaboration with Dualized and Dysfunction production.