Il video di Winterfell, dall’album “Who’s The Dreamer?” in uscita a gennaio (Club INferno Ent.).

“Who’s The Dreamer?” is GANDALF’S OWL’s new opus. Destined to be out in late November, we decided to fix some elements so we have a new release date that is January 4th, 2019.
Gandolfo FERRO, already known as HEIMDALL’s singer, propose with this album a great Progressive Ambient Rock, with sprinklings of ‘old-time’ electronica and epic psychedelic influences.
The elegance of the sounds of Floydian memory will complete a stunning act, while the presence of a cover of Le Orme classic “Il Vento, La Notte, Il Cielo” is a final gift to an album announced as a true masterpiece.

Here is the cover and the complete tracklist:
1. Winterfell – 2. A Dwarf In The Lodge Pt.1 – 3. A Dwarf In The Lodge Pt.2 – 4. Garmonbozia – 5. Between Two Worlds – 6. White Arbour (…The North Remembers) – 7. Sunset By The Moon – 8. Coming Home – 9. Il Vento, La Notte, Il Cielo (cover Le Orme)

– Video[GANDALF’S OWL – Winterfell (Official video)]:

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