Il video di “Il Vento, La Notte, Il Cielo”, dall’album Who’s The Dreamer? (Club Inferno).


The realization of the videoclip of LE ORME’s classic “Il Vento, La Notte, Il Cielo” by GANDAL’S OWL is finally available.

This is a fundamental step for the presentation of “Who’s The Dreamer?”, an album that launches, with his solo project GANDALF’S OWL, Gandolfo Ferro, already singer of the magnificent HEIMDALL great Italian Power Metal band.

GANDALF’S OWL is a Psychedelic Ambient Dark project and with it Gandolfo Ferro shows the magic and the atmosphere typical of that sound and the elegance of the psychedelic touches of Floydian memory. The cover of LE ORME classic “Il Vento, La Notte, Il Cielo” celebrated here with a video makes this album a true masterpiece of atmosphere, melody, magic and sonorous intimacy.

Anyone interested to have him and his voice as guest in your song, album or wider collaborations, is more than welcome and can contact Club Inferno at [email protected]