Il video di “Leah”, dall’album “Feast for Water” (Aural Music).

Il video di “Leah”, dall’album “Feast for Water” (Aural Music).

MESSA video of “Leah”, the third track from “Feast for Water” album, scheduled for April 2018 on Aural Music.

Available in Digipack CD / Translucent Orange LP / Solid Black and Translucent Orange color in color LP ltd to 200 copies / Digital

Video by Laura Sans

Written and shot by Laura Sans and Marco Messa

Thanks to Alice Rusconi Bodin, @Karolina Pospischil, Enrico Marconato, Marika Spilla

Extra footage from Abbey of Thelema by Sara B.

“The relation Between nature and humanity is a common place for MOST of the concepts in art history. For the concept video, we wanted to highlight the femininity of nature, following the lyrics of MOST of Messa new record songs.
Leah is the representation of the power of nature but it Also Represents the strength of a woman That was surrounded by magic and mystery in one of the most beautiful, wild and isolated places in Italy.
Water is the main element and plays the lead role in the video, following the whole record concept Water as the most basic and powerful element, water is the beginning but also the end of any spiritual life. “