Il video di “No Holding Back”, dall’album “Shehili” in uscita a maggio (earMUSIC).

Il video di “No Holding Back”, dall’album “Shehili” in uscita a maggio (earMUSIC).

Dopo aver annunciato la pubblicazione del nuovo album “Shehili”, previsto in uscita il 3 maggio 2019 su earMUSIC, i tunisini MYRATH presentano oggi il video del nuovo singolo “No Holding Back”. L’album è disponibile per il preorder nei seguenti formati:
CD Digipak
I MYRATH hanno precedentemente pubblicato il video di “Dance”.

Di seguito la tracklist:
1. Asl (Intro)
2. Born To Survive
3. You’ve Lost Yourself
4. Dance
5. Wicked Dice
6. Monster In My Closet
7. Lili Twil
8. No Holding Back
9. Stardust
10. Mersal
11. Darkness Arise
12. Shehili

“Shehili” è stato registrato tra Germania, Tunisia e Francia e mixato da tre differenti produttori, Kevin Codfert, Eike Freese e Jens Bogren (già al lavoro per il precedente “Legacy”).

I MYRATH hanno precedentemente suonato con band del calibro di Dream Theater e Symphony X e quest’anno calcheranno i palchi di due fra i più importanti festival metal a livello mondiale, il Wacken Open Air e lo Sweden Rock Festival. Verso la fine dell’anno la band intraprenderà un tour da headliner.

With their incredibly personal, epic and beautiful oriental-infused progressive metal, MYRATH have slowly but surely established themselves as one of the most fascinating bands in the current international metal scene.

Their latest album “Legacy” (2016) received high acclaim internationally and contained the brilliant and until now their most successful song, “Believer”! The video collected more than ten million views on YouTube! The current and first single “Dance” from the upcoming album “Shehili” received more than one million views within the first five weeks since its release in December 2018 and is setting the bar high for what to expect!

“Shehili” surpasses all expectations. Innovative, yet loyal to MYRATH’s signature sound, this new album dares to establish contrasts between uplifting melodies and well-thought, heart-breaking lyrics.

The best example of this duality can be found in the first single “Dance” (illustrated by a mind-blowing video, a sequel to the one that was filmed for “Believer”, the band’s biggest hit so far), which tells the story of “a Syrian dancer who faced death threats from ISIS, but chose to keep on dancing, even if it meant dancing through ruins and tombs”, as singer Zaher Zorgati puts it. “The purpose of our music is to induce happiness and joy, to pay tribute to those who refuse to fall or to stop hoping, even in a world filled with hatred and uncertainty