Il video di “A befalazott”, dall’album “Homo Maleficus” (GrimmDistribution / NGC Prod).

Il video di “A befalazott”, dall’album “Homo Maleficus” (GrimmDistribution / NGC Prod).

“The videoclip was made by myself. The track’s subject is the deformity of the human nature. “A befalazott” means “immured” and I would like to show via this idiom that the mankind slowly turns a dead end. People wall into themselves to a cabin.” (Nagaarum )

The Homo Maleficus album can be listened and ordered here:

Lyrics translated to English:

One includes everyone – the skies they shun.
Souls in vessels malformed by desire.
A fetus – born onto this world
succumbs in the blackground in a ruinous tower.

Formed by age, ripen, misshapen,
determined by the road not taken
– and shaken – will then pay,
and play the game ends today – and every day.

Heads in the world of dreams enwrapped in slumber,
heads rolling down the streams in many a number,
sparkling stars in a halo unencumbered.
Is this real, or have I just gone under? I wonder…

Snapshots, human lots – contorted, gone astray…
Vessels heading home – nowhere else to roam…
The advent is black in the tower they dwell, three in a cell…
The master, the whore and the ego in a shell.