Il nuovo video per la song “The Anesthetist”, tratta dall’ EP “In the Shadows and Sidewalks”

Sercati (Melodic Black Metal from Belgium) are proud to present their new official video for the song “The Anesthetist”, taken from the EP “In the Shadows and Sidewalks” (released in 2015 through Wormholedeath/The Orchard).

Director : Michel Garsou
Actor : Steve Fabry – Nicholas Gobron

The Story Told in the Video:
“The Nightstalker talks about his new enemy. Another villan sent by Lucifer that he must defeat. He doesn’t know who is hiding behind the mask. The first fight against this enemy starts.”

About Sercati:

“Sercati’s story began in 2009, after a recording session between Steve, Damien & Nico. Songs were created and recorded for a half a year before a first demo, simply called « Sercati », was made. The second, « The Night Stalker », was recorded a little while after. Thanks to Carlo Bellotti Publishing, who found an amazing sound engineer for the recording and a label, Casket Music (Copro records), to produce « Tales Of The Fallen ». For the recording of the album, the band needed a real drummer instead of the rythmbox used before. That is how, in november, Yannick, a good friend of the band, joined them. Still, the whole band thinks that the best pieces are yet to come. Early 2012, the band left Casket Music to sign with a serbian label, Grom Records, to re-release the first album and produce a second one. Steve is sponsored by the strings Skull Strings and picks from Nologo Picks. And it’s in june 2013 that Nicolas left the band and the other members say welcome to Florian and later in 2014, Olivier Clément comes to play guitar in Sercati. Florian left the band few mounth later and finally Simon join the band in december 2014.”

Albums out: Tales of the Fallen (2012 Wormholedeath) – The Rise of the Nightstalker (2014 Wormholedeath)- In the Shadows of Sidewalks (2015 Wormholedeath)

Band members:
Steve “Serpent” Fabry – Bass, Vocals
Yannick Martin – Drums, Backing Vocals
Simon Charlier – Guitar

Nuovo video per i Sercati!

I Sercati (Melodic Black Metal dal Belgio) sono lieti di presentare il loro nuovo video per la song “The Anesthetist”, tratta dall’ EP “In the Shadows and Sidewalks” (uscito nel 2015 via Wormholedeath/The Orchard).

“The Anesthetist”

Director : Michel Garsou
Actor : Steve Fabry – Nicholas Gobron

La storia raccontata:
“Nightstalker parla del suo nuovo nemico, mandato da Lucifero. Non conosce l’identità che si cela dietro alla maschera, ma sa che deve combatterlo e sconfiggerlo. La prima battaglia contro di lui comincia ora!”