Il video di Falling In Reverse, dall’album Xxmiles (Volcano Records).

The Shockin’Head rise from the ashes of the Chupacabras, R.A.V.E.D, Estremo Ponente, historical bands of the extreme western Liguria. The alchemy and the natural feeling born from the collaboration of this group of friends has created a granite sound alternating pure power moments with melodic moments.

“XXXmiles” tracklist:
1. All In
2. Falling in Reverse
3. Ejaaa!!!
4. Winners in the Desert
5. Soul Destruction
6. Trip in the Hell
7. Xxmiles
8. Blame Game
Running Time: 39’58”

Daniele Sedda – Voices
Black Ale – Bass
Zac Vanders – Guitar
Frederic Volante – Drum

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