Il lyric video di ‘Journey Into Self-Reflection’, dall’album Inner Struggle Of Self-Acceptance (Sliptrick Records).

Italian progressive, avant-garde metal group Signs Of Human Racehave released a new online single and lyrics video from their forthcoming album Inner Struggle Of Self-Acceptance.

Here’s what the band had to say; “Journey Into Self-Reflection is the third track from the album Inner Struggle Of Self-Acceptance by Signs Of Human Race. The track aims to recreate the thoughts and feelings of a person affected by personality disorders. People suffering from such diseases often know of their situation and feel vulnerable and in need of help, but they also look with suspicion to other people trying to support them, seeing treachery everywhere.”

This condition can lead to alternating feelings of distress, peacefulness and rage, emphasized by the band through the sudden changes of rhythm and mood.

Inner Struggle Of Self-Acceptance | Released March 26th 2019 via Sliptrick Records

Signs Of Human Race are:
Remek James Robertson – Vocals
Diego Lorenzi – Guitars
Davide Brighenti – Bass
Samuele Leonard Sereno – Drums