Il video di “Nowhere to run”, dall’album “Silent Conspiracy”.

Il video di “Nowhere to run”, dall’album “Silent Conspiracy”.

The chilean groove metal band Sobernot – formed by César Vigouroux on vocals, Pablo La’Ronde on guitar and backing vocals, Joaquín Quezada on bass and Felipe Sobarzo on drums – releases a new music video of his single “Nowhere to run”, from their debut album “Silent Conspiracy” (2018), produced by Pablo La’Ronde.

The production of this work was in charge of Abysmo Films, which has worked with bands like Arch Enemy, Lacrimosa, Therion, Helloween, among others.

The video talks about the different forms of violent submission that human being can be capable of inflicting on another without any remorse, showing that “the world is turning into madness” as the lyrics says.

Vigouroux adds: “the first version of the video included very violent clips for the general public, we had to censor several of these images and replace them with other less explicit images of violence. The original uncensored video has not yet found where to house it, but it is probably in Some place without restrictions like Dailymotion, Vimeo or some gore site The fans even recommended us to do it in porn sites where you can upload practically anything, but I don’t know if ending up watching porn after our music video it’s a very good transition. Or maybe yes? hahaha”.

Sobernot releases this video in the context of his “Nowhere to run tour 2018/2019”.

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