Il video di “Lumina Aurea”, che anticipa il nuovo album “When A Shadow Is Forced Into The Light” in uscita a gennaio (Century Media Records).

Il video di “Lumina Aurea”, che anticipa il nuovo album “When A Shadow Is Forced Into The Light” in uscita a gennaio (Century Media Records).

I doomster finlandesi SWALLOW THE SUN pubblicano il singolo “Lumina Aurea”, un brano di 14 minuti pubblicato in digitale e in 12″. Il brano vede come ospiti Einar Selvik dei Wardruna e Marco I. Benevento dei The Foreshadowing. A detta della stessa band questo è il prodotto più oscuro e sinistro mai realizzato.
Disponibile il video di “Lumina Aurea”, realizzato da Aapo Lahtela e Vesa Ranta della Kaira Films.

“Lumina Aurea” anticipa il nuovo album “When A Shadow Is Forced Into The Light”, disponibile dal 25 gennaio 2019 su Century Media Records.

Di seguito gli artwork e le tracklist dei due album:

“When A Shadow Is Forced Into The Light”:
1. When A Shadow Is Forced Into The Light
2. The Crimson Crown
3. Firelights
4. Upon The Water
5. Stone Wings
6. Clouds On Your Side
7. Here On The Black Earth
8. Never Left

“Lumina Aurea”:
1. Lumina Aurea
2. Lumina Aurea (instrumental version)

“‘Lumina Aurea’ is a song I would never want to write in my life,” Raivio says. “It is an open, bleeding black wound from the last two and half years of my life. But I had to write it out. I could not back down from it. The way I wrote and recorded ‘Lumina Aurea’ was so rough emotionally and physically that I think I will never talk about it public. I know this road will go on forever as a part of me, but I have also made a peace with it—that I will never have peace with it. And that the life and the journey here must still go on for a while for those of us remaining. I knew that if I would go any deeper on that road with the album as I did with ‘Lumina Aurea,’ the path would not end well. So, I quickly realized that instead I will write an album that will manifest loud and clear that after all, ‘Love is always stronger than death.’ I wanted to find that angle for ‘When A Shadow Is Forced into the Light’. This album is like a weapon for myself. A burning light, a burning torch. Victorious and proud.”

“The idea for this short-film like music video came from Juha Raivio and we tweaked the idea a bit to make the story fit into the beautiful landscapes we were going to film it in. The video has been filmed in several locations around Northern Finland and Lappland. We would like to leave the meaning of the story a bit open and to let everyone watching it to make their own conclusions and let their imagination flow. As obvious, things such as grief, torment and even love are present through the video. This is pretty much all we would like to open about it. Some kind of mysticism there definitely is. It was a great pleasure for us to get work with this project, since the song has such a meaning for Juha,” stats Ranta.

SWALLOW THE SUN have announced first shows for 2019! See below for all dates

07.02.2019 Helsinki (Finland) – Nosturi*
08.02.2019 Turku (Finland) – Apollo*
09.02.2019 Jyväskylä (Finland) – Lutakko*
14.02.2019 Tampere (Finland) – Klubi*
15.02.2019 Oulu (Finland) – Teatria*
16.02.2019 Kuopio (Finland) – Henry´s Pub*

More dates to be announced soon!

Mikko Kotamäki – Vocals
Matti Honkonen – Bass
Juuso Raatikainen – Drums
Jaani Peuhu – Keys & Vocals
Juho Räihä – Guitar
Juha Raivio – Guitar & Keys