Il video di ‘Nina’, traccia inedita contenuta nella ristampa di ‘ANR’

Gli Anewrage hanno pubblicato il video di ‘Nina’, traccia inedita contenuta nella ristampa di ‘ANR’, il disco di debutto della band, originariamente uscito nel 2014. La nuova edizione, in uscita il prossimo 26 agosto, conterrá due bonus track fra cui la stessa ‘Nina’.

Guarda il video qui:

Nati nel 2009 come alternative metal band, gli Anewrage sfornano un originale mix di alternative metal, rock, post-grunge e live set incendiari! Finora hanno condiviso il palco con band del calibro di Gamma Ray, Freak Kitchen, UFO, Dreamshade e Destrage. La band è molto nota anche per il suo approccio visivo molto originale, che gli ha permesso di arrivare tra i finalisti del SXSW Design Award ad Austin (Texas), insieme ad alcuni importanti nomi come ‘Pacific Rim’, ‘The Lego Movie’, ‘The Last Of Us’ e altri grandi progetti. “ANR” è stato prodotto da Matteo Magni (Rhyme, Audrey, Mellowoty) ai Magnitude Studios e contiene il singolo “Ape’s Legacy“, che è rimasto per una settimana in rotazione su Rock TV Italy ed è attualmente in rotazione sul canale ucraino A-One Rock TV.


Online il lyric video di “Black Bart”, canzone estratta dal nuovo album Rapid Foray

Online il lyric video di “Black Bart”, canzone estratta dal nuovo album Rapid Foray, in uscita il 26 Agosto 2016

1. Black Skies, Red Flag
2. Warmongers
3. Stick To Your Guns
4. Rapid Foray
5. By The Blood In Your Heart
6. The Depth Of The Sea – Nautilus (instr.)
7. Black Bart
8. Hellestrified
9. Blood Moon Rising
10. Into The West
11. Last Of The Mohicans


Online il nuovo video di Join Together

THE DEAD DAISIES – online il nuovo video di Join Together

I THE DEAD DAISIES saranno in Italia con i THE ANSWER per tre date in Inverno!

29.11.I-Milan – Magazzini Generali
16.12.I-Treviso – New Age
17.12.I-Grottammare (Ascoli Piceno) – Container


Il lyric video di The Unrepentant, tratto dall’album Obnoxious

After the Decibel premiere HERE, No Clean Singing has done a premiere of one of their new lyric videos. You can check that out HERE. From Portugal, Colosso are experimenting on death metal and taking it ahead in a contemporary manner.

“suffocatingly huge death metal with a subtle technical/experimental twist” – Decibel Magazine (US)

“savage, and to-the-point” – No Clean Singing (US)

“huge, jagged rhythms and eerie, otherworldly guitar lines dominate the majority of Obnoxious.” – Metal Observer (Canada) 8.5/10

“burst of technical death metal and experimental” – Loud Magazine (translated from Portuguese)

“if you are a fan of progressive death metal, you should check out this album” – True Bringer of Death (US) 8/10

Colosso (Portugal) – ‘Obnoxious’

Genre – Dissonant Death Metal
Release Date – September 9th, 2016
Record Label – Self Released
For fans of – Cynic, Gorguts, Portal, Cattle Decapitation, Blood Red Throne

Colosso from Portugal emerge with their latest. Playing death metal with a new vision, their sound is breaking the shackles of the style, as Colosso innovate and involve elements dissonant and industrial. While most bands use the black metal template, Colosso merge the abstract sounds into a coherent death metal template, one that seethes and squirms with shades of darkness. A mesmerizing epic, ‘Obnoxious’ is an immersive album from start to finish, remaining unpredictable yet consistently superior. It will go down as one of the most daring and ambitious albums in the style this year – a vision so profound and brilliantly executed is bound to change the perception death metal has. Colosso remain proudly indulgent, self-sufficient and confident of their new sound.

Album Line-up:
André Lourenço – Bass
André Macedo – Vocals
António Carvalho – Guitar
Marcelo Aires – Drums
Max Tomé – Guitar

Track list:
1. In Memoriam
2. The Unrepentant
3. Of Hollow Judgements
4. As Resonance
5. Soaring Waters
6. Seven Space Collisions
7. To Purify
8. Sentience
9. A Noxious Reflection


Il video di Hope Is Here, tratto dall’album omonimo

With “Hope Is Here” the guys drag you out of your comfortable world, deep into a forest – to a boy named Aramis drifting through the dark trees, alone, forsaken, outcast, because he’s not like other people. That’s a summary of the concept – but there’s plenty more to come… Enjoy the trip!

With their new partner SPV behind them the band’s first concept album has been released under the title “Hope Is Here”. “We’ve never done a concept before and it was quite a challenge, but once Rob started writing the story and got totally buried in it, there was simply no going back,” explains guitarist Oliver Nikolas. “When you’ve got a concept you have to arrange it like a film, you have to follow certain moods and really think about where to put the faster, harder pieces and where the slower and sadder moments best fit in,” continues the band’s founder. The band allowed themselves three years, and the final result reflects this: “We’ve never worked together so hard and so well as a unit,” explains Oliver. In the past we’ve worked separately on the songwriting, practicing in short stints in the rehearsal room. On “Hope Is Here” they worked intermittently for three months perfecting the pre-production at the Engine Studios, allowing the material to take shape – letting their visions develop and grow. “One of the challenges we set ourselves was that every single note should hit the listener as hard as possible, inescapable,” Oliver Nikolas explains. “We feel we’ve finally reached the next level.”


Il secondo video tratto dall’album di debutto”Edari”

“Luxurious Agony”: new video for OMRÅDE

French Avantgardish Metal masters OMRÅDE just release the second video off their debut album “Edari”. It is for the track “Luxurious Agony” which sees Guillaume Bideau as special guest on voice.

After the great success of their previous video for the song “Mótsögn” and the fantastic feedbacks “Edari” received during the last year, it is time of a new testimoniance that opens the way to the official vinyl release of “Edari” born in collaboration with Soman Records and One Gone Beyond and above all to the new album which recordings are going to be completeted at Ltpstudio Lower Tones Place under the supervision of Edgard Chevallier and which cover artwork will be created by the great artist Jeff Grimal.


Il video di “Nihil in Me” tratto dallo split 7″ con gli Azziard

NIRNAETH have just unleashed their brand new music video for the song “Nihil in Me” taken from their forthcoming split 7″ EP with fellow French Black Metalers AZZIARD to be released on August 12.

Produced by France’s Bulldog Productions and filmed in just one day, the grim video perfectly depicts NIRNAETH’s new embodiment seven years after its latest full-length and its orthodox and more straight-to-the-point, even if at time more Thrash-y, dark arts.

The EP, with artwork by Above Chaos (Bethlehem, Tsjuder, Naglfar…), is available for pre-orders in two versions: a 100 copies collector edition solid white vinyl exclusively available from the artists or through the KAOTOXIN SHOP and a 400 copies limited edition black vinyl. A free digital download of the EP is also available at the KAOTOXIN DIGITAL SHOP.

Zigouille – vocals
Mutill – guitars
Malaria – bass
Vagorn – drums

2016 – “s/t” split 7″ w/ AZZIARD
2009 – “Splendour of the Abyss”
2006 – “Thrown Athwart the Darkness”


Il video di ‘No Shot No Dead’, nuovo singolo tratto dall’ultimo album della band ‘Anotheround’

I thrashers National Suicide hanno pubblicato il video di ‘No Shot No Dead’, nuovo singolo tratto dall’ultimo album della band ‘Anotheround’, disponibile su Scarlet Records.

I National Suicide sono una Old School Thrash Metal band formatasi a Trento nel 2005. Grazie al loro primo Album ‘The Old Family Is Still Alive’ diventano gli alfieri dell’Underground più oltranzista e calcano i palchi del Revenge Of True Metal Festival, del Play It Loud e del Rock Hard Festival in Italia, del Metal Cova e del Keep It Thrash in Spagna, del Thrash Assault in Germania e di altre realtà non meno importanti. Napalm Death, Assassin, Onslaught, Artillery, Exciter, Jag Panzer, Jaguar, Raven, Whiplash, Fueled By Fire, Satan, Sodom, Tankard, Omen, Savage Grace, Legion Of The Damned e Attacker sono solo alcune delle band di calibro internazionale con cui i National Suicide hanno avuto il privilegio di esibirsi. Il sound della band rimane tagliente e d’impatto, estremamente adrenalinico, impreziosito da due chitarristi eccezionali e da un cantato fra i più acidi e taglienti in circolazione.


Il video di Nimrod (I – The Eerie Tower), prima parte della suite che conclude ‘Seven Heads Ten Horns’

Brand new video clip by THE FORESHADOWING!!!

…and let the introducing be done by the band themselves:

“We are glad to introduce you to the music video for the song ‘Nimrod (I – The Eerie Tower)’, the first part of our suite from the new album ‘Seven Heads Ten Horns’. This music video pictures THE FORESHADOQING´s imagery and features all the elements that create the concept of our music and lyrics (apocalypse, misery and corruption of humanity, death and rebirth). Enjoy this voyage where the modern era is redeemed by the dawn of mankind.”

Taken from the album “Seven Heads Ten Horns” that was released on CD/digital on the 22nd of April 2016 via Cyclone Empire worldwide, except for the USA, where it got released via Metal Blade on the 29th of July 2016.


Il lyric video di “Repeat” primo singolo estratto dal nuovo album “Cymatics”

Il lyric video di “Repeat”

La Revalve Records rilascia il Lyric video di “Repeat” primo singolo estratto dal nuovo album “Cymatics” in uscita il 23 settembre 2016.


Il lyric video di ‘Riding With The Sun’, brano tratto dal nuovo album ‘Along The Path’

Gli Ephyra hanno pubblicato il lyric video di ‘Riding With The Sun’, brano tratto dal nuovo album della band, ‘Along The Path’, disponibile su Bakerteam Records.

Death Metal band con influenze Epic e Folk fra le più promettenti della scena, gli Ephyra debuttarono nel 2013 con l’album ‘Journey’, a cui seguirono moltissimi concerti e apparizioni a festival importanti (Fosch Fest), spesso condividendo il palco con band del calibro di Satyricon, Carcass, Finntroll,Elvenking e Furor Gallico. ‘Along The Path’, il nuovo lavoro della band, è un ulteriore passo in avanti per un gruppo di musicisti che non smette mai di crescere: registrato presso gli Elnor Studios da Mattia Stancioiu (Labyrinth, Crown Of Autumn), il disco è un riuscito mix di riff e ritmiche di stampo Death Metal, cantato maschile scream/growl e suadenti voci femminili, sonorità Folk ed influenze sinfoniche ed etniche. Mattia Stancioiu appare anche in veste di special guest alle percussioni, insieme a Davide Cicalese (Furor Gallico, voce in ‘All At Once’), Silvia Bonino (Folkstone, arpa) e Lisy Stefanoni (Evenoire, flauto).


Il videoclip di Desolation, tratto da Deathrising

Italian Gothic Doom masters MOTUS TENEBRAE release the new videoclip off their album “Deathrising”.
It is for the track “Desolation”, and it’s a new masterpiece of Gothic Doom Metal by one of the best bands in that genre.

The video, directed and edited by the great surreal artist Andrea Falaschi (, also drummer of the band, and Davide Frino, shows the decadent essence of a band celebrating one of the best and absolutely the darkest and gloomiest songs off “Deathrising”.

The final result is a totally dark, dismal and dreary videoclip.

Enjoy it!!!

Official sites: