Il video di “The Chosen One”, dall’album omonimo in uscita a maggio (Metal Blade Records).

Il video di “The Chosen One”, dall’album omonimo in uscita a maggio (Metal Blade Records).

Dopo una settimana in cui i fan hanno potuto votare (per finta) il titolo del nuovo album, i DESTRAGE annunciano oggi la release di “The Chosen One”, previsto in arrivo il 24 maggio 2019 su Metal Blade Records.
Per anticiparne l’uscita la band ha reso disponibile il video della title-track “The Chosen One”.

Presenti alcuni ospiti per “The Chosen One” tra cui il “master of evil” Luca Mai degli ZU che ha contribuito con un assolo di sax al brano “Mr Bugman” e suonando il riff portante di “At The Cost Of Pleasure”. Le tastiere sono state eseguite dal jazzista Fabio Visocchi per i brani “At The Cost Of Pleasure” e “The Gifted One” mentre le parti di elettronica sono state curate da Fabrizio “Izio” Pagni.
“The Chosen One” è stato prodotto dalla band stessa e da Matteo “ciube” Tabacco presso i Raptor Studios di Vicenza. Le fasi di mix e master sono state curate da Josh WIlbur (Megadeth, Korn, Gojira, Lamb Of God e molti altri).

Di seguito la tracklist di “The Chosen One”:

1. The Chosen One
2. About That
3. Hey, Stranger!
4. At the Cost of Pleasure
5. Mr. Bugman
6. Rage, My Alibi
7. Headache and Crumbs
8. The Gifted One

Disponibile il pre-order del disco a questo link e nei seguenti formati:
light yellow vinyl / includes CD (EU exclusive – limited to 300 copies)
pink / blue marbled vinyl / includes CD (EU exclusive – limited to 200 copies)
multi-color splatter vinyl / includes CD (EU exclusive – limited to 100 copies)
light pink marbled vinyl / includes CD (US exclusive – limited to 300 copies)
violet marbled vinyl / includes CD (US exclusive – limited to 200 copies)

As with all of their previous efforts, Destrage make it impossible to pigeonhole their sound, with numerous labels applicable to the record but no single one able to tell the whole story. Moreover, from start to finish, The Chosen One seethes with an energy that is undeniable. “I strongly believe in the power of the people, and energy came from those who worked on this album, from the band, the producers, through to the mixing and mastering engineer. There was a lot of energy in the whole project, and that’s the most important thing to me,” vocalist Paolo Colavolpe enthuses. The record also sees the band once more experimenting, taking risks and exploring territory they have not previously entered into, demonstrating a fearlessness when it came to chasing ideas – and almost half the songs are in a completely different guitar tuning. A pair of unique tracks also bookend the record, the title track and “The Gifted One”, their relationship obvious as they came together in the writing stage. Explains guitarist Matteo Di Gioia: “The song ‘The Chosen One’ is brief, has no repetitions and an unresolved structure. The unexplored, unrepeated sections of that unwrap with more patience on ‘The Gifted One’, which also has an uncommon structure, but in the opposite sense. Here we have a long, pacing, reflexive closing song that shares many elements with the opener but feels completely different.” Further adding to the heady mix is the incorporation of extra instrumentation, among these a baritone saxophone and something the band nicknamed MEGATRON, which is essentially “a badass synthesizer playing guitar riffs together with the human guitarists. Like the saxophone, it’s set to disappear and fuse with the guitars to achieve a slightly unreal sound, and we knew we didn’t want these extra sounds to emerge and be obvious. Instead, we really looked for the listener to experience the ‘What the fuck is that sound?’ effect.”

Paolo Colavolpe – vocals
Matteo Di Gioia – guitar
Federico Paulovich – drums
Ralph Guido Salati – guitar
Gabriel Pignata – bass

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