Il video di ‘Vento Sul’, dall’album ‘Sangue Cássia’ (Season Of Mist).

Il video di ‘Vento Sul’, dall’album ‘Sangue Cássia’ (Season Of Mist).

SINISTRO are now premiering their new video for the mezmorising track “Vento Sul”, which is taken from the Portuguese Fado rockers’ latest album ‘Sangue Cássia’.

Sinistro – ‘Vento Sul’
SINISTRO comment: “So far, we’ve always done conceptual videos for our songs. This time we decided to do something different on ‘Vento Sul’, and made a documentary style video. Its more of a small film, rather than a video clip, showing a day in Sinistro’s life. The video was filmed in Santiago, Chile on our recent debut presence in South America, and we teamed up with Brazilian director Estevam Romera (SEPULTURA, DESALMADO), who is a close friend of the band, to help us develop this.”

SINISTRO are still available for interviews by Skype or mail. Please contact Season of Mist.

The artwork of ‘Sangue Cássia’, which has been created by Pedro Carmo can be viewed below.

1. Cosmos Controle (11:14)
2. Lótus (7:55)
3. Pétalas (3:51)
4. Vento Sul (6:50)
5. Abismo (6:02)
6. Nuvem (5:32)
7. Gardénia (6:15)
8. Cravo Carne (9:59)
Total playing time: 57:38

25 Jul 18 Tolmin (SI) Metal Days 2018
29 Sep 18 Madrid (ES) Okkvlt Session
03 Nov 18 Zaragoza (ES) Iberian Warriors Metal Fest
08 Dec 18 Lisboa (PT) Under the Doom Festival

SINISTRO by Inés Achando
When SINISTRO emerged out of a spontaneous spark on a hot summer’s day spent dallying in the studio, nobody could have predicted the meteoric rise of these fascinating Portuguese doom rockers. Their first album, a new beginning after some different earlier attempts, was strongly cherished by critics and fans alike, with invitations to prestigious festivals following at an astonishing pace.

Now SINISTRO present the follow-up to the highly praised ‘Semente’ (2016) and even the first impression allows to state that ‘Sangue Cássia’ marks another huge step in the career of the remarkable band fronted by vocalist extraordinaire Patrícia Andrade. The new full-length clearly shows the confidence and experience gained from their numerous live performances.

SINISTRO succeed in expanding their sonic horizon, while keeping all the elements that made ‘Semente’ special. The melancholy and painful longing expressed in the national chant of Portugal, Fado is seamlessly forged together with rock and metal. SINISTRO harness erotic energy and lustful moments as well as bitterness and regret. Silky softness and velvet warmth contrasts sharply with harsh edges and stinging spikes.

SINISTRO started out by exploring a wide range of refence points for their self-titled debut, which was released in 2012, such as MASSIVE ATTACK, ENNIO MORRICONE, RADIOHEAD, FAITH NO MORE, ANGELO BADALAMENTI, DAVID BOWIE, SWANS, UNWOUND, MOGWAI, and CRIPPLED BLACK PHOENIX to name but a few possible comparisons.

On their following effort, ‘Cidade’ (2013), the Portuguese welcomed singer Patrícia Andrade, who quickly turned out to be the missing element in SINISTRO’s path snaking between elegant doom rock and a soundtrack like approach. Massive guitar walls combined with gritty keyboard layers and a deeply emotional vocal performance established the band as an essential name in the Portuguese music scene.

Having perfected their signature musical handwriting on ‘Semente’, SINISTRO are now adding experience and maturity to their songs. Each track on ‘Sangue Cássia’ is its own story and cosmos that will engulf and swallow the listener. Take your time to profoundly enjoy and marvel at the wonders laid out by ‘Sangue Cássia’!

Rick Chain: guitar
Ricardo Matias: guitar
Patricia Andrade: vocals
Paulo Lafaia: drums
Fernando Matias: bass, programming

Style: Ambient Doom Rock

Recording: Sinistro & Fernando Matias at The Pentagon Audio Manufacturers

Mix & mastering: Fernando Matias at The Pentagon Audio Manufacturers

Cover art: Pedro Carmo

Album photography: Alípio Padilha