Il video di In Deep and Wooded Forests of My Youth, dall’album Of Erthe And Axen Act I.

“In Deep and Wooded Forests of My Youth” finds Vera pleading with Thanos to save the forest from his brother Sindr, who plans to harvest the magical energy found in the deep Fens of Axen. Band members Sam Meador, Matthew Earl, and Ali Meador are featured in this video filmed, directed, and produced by Brent Vallefuoco.

A note from Sam – “this video is not meant to depict specific events from the Xanthochroid mythos and overall story of the album, but rather a simple, scenic performance video created with the minimal resources of an independent band. We hope to bring you true depictions of the story of Etymos in the near future; your support in sharing this video, downloading your free single, and pre-ordering this album helps to keep Xanthochroid able to bring you high-quality content and tell this epic tale…”

Filmed in Silverado Canyon, CA in April 2017.
Video teaser url: https://www.facebook.com/xanthochroidmetal/videos/1821893227828588/
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